About Us

A Pathway to Hope is a nonprofit agency that helps those currently and formally incarcerated gain access to entrepreneurial and business training clinics because we strive to fund entrepreneurs that are traditionally barred from accessing these resources.

We want to fund those who have been most affected by excessive policing, targeted policies, and the war on drugs. We aim to be the bridge between a person's potential and their community by closing the gap between our community's resources and their ability to access them.




We provide employment readiness. We will offer resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview practice. As well as job resources in all of Washington State.


We provide housing resources in all of Washington State. We will teach them the tools to navigate renting.

Food and Health

We provide food bank resources for all of Washington State and provide counseling resources. 

Entrepreneurship & Business

We provide entrepreneurship and business training. We will train previously incarcerated how to create a start-up business.

Contact Us

For more questions contact us at pathwaytohopenow@gmail.com Or send us a question or comment down below.